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Titan Photonics was founded in 2001 as Optical Scale Integration (OSI), a research and consulting company, by two UC Berkeley graduates Titan was reborn as a privately owned research and development company specializing in optical transport components and systems in 2005. Titan Photonics' head-quarters are located in Fremont, CA at the center of California's Silicon Valley and provides products and services to communications service providers, networking companies, field installers, government agencies and others. The Titan management team combines many years of experiences in the telecommunication, CATV and semiconductor industries.

The company's strength lies in its relationships with a global network of R&D and manufacturing partners, which enables Titan Photonics to deliver products built to the highest quality standards and superior performance. With products tested and deployed by the builders of the world's largest optical communication networks, Titan has obtained key expertise in optical systems and components technologies that has proven key to unlocking the potential of optical networks for speed, capacity, reliability and efficiency. Complimented by custom designed equipments and systems, products from Titan Photonics allow networking companies to build highly scalable optical networks for telecommunication carriers and CATV service providers serving the vast and growing Internet age.



We are seeking talents in Accountant position for accounting & tax reports. MBA and 2 years experience in job offered or as Credit Analyst required.


Experienced in Optical Transceiver design and manufacturing. 40G & 100G experiences preferred. Master in Engineering degree preferred.


US Headquarters

Titan Photonics, Inc.
48383 Fremont Blvd., #116
Fremont, CA 945398
Tel: (510) 687-0488
Fax: (510) 687-0098

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